CJHS and the Community Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Gavin Elam, Staff Writer

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Teachers play a valuable role in our lives, teaching us skills that we will most likely use for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, many teachers don’t receive the care or attention that they deserve. From dealing with a rowdy class to tending with needy students, all while not getting paid much, teachers deserve so much more respect than they get. Thankfully, there is an entire national holiday week celebrating and appreciating teachers and school staff. From May 6th to May 10th, CJHS and the community came together to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

Monday morning, staff was provided a Chick-Fil-A breakfast, provided by Reliance Healthcare, and an  ice cream sundae bar. Tuesday, the central office provided teachers with Krispy Kreme and a snack bar. On May 8th, Centennial Bank gave out hamburgers and hotdogs during all three lunches, and Kona Ice gave free snowcones to any teacher who wanted one. Thursday, a bar-b-que lunch was made by Gary Logan and the Fat Daddy’s cooks, with Andy’s custard for dessert. At the end of the week, the administration team and PAWS put together a potato bar. A PAWS drawing for prizes was offered all week as well.

Teachers are truly amazing. The amount of effort they put forth, the amount of stress and pressure they go through nearly everyday, and the amount of obstacles they conquer throughout the year, makes them nearly superhuman. The mindset that we will have for the rest of our lives is molded and shaped by our experiences at school, and the staff is always doing their absolute best to provide the future with bright, intelligent, and caring individuals. “It feels so nice to be appreciated, especially this time of year when stress is high and schedules are busy,” said Mrs. Williams. Teacher Appreciation Week is an amazing way to show your gratitude towards people who literally hold your future in their hands, but respect and gratitude should be given to them all year, not just a 5-day week.