Welding Class Separates into two Classrooms due to Popularity


Joe Woods, Journalism 1 Student

Beginning in August 2019, the Conway High School welding class has been separated into two different classrooms.

This change occurred as more and more people joined the welding class. The classes popularity at the school has increased. Starting in August, the welding class is separated into two classes, room 911a and 911b. Each student’s classroom is chosen based on what year they are in welding. Second and third year welders are placed together in room 911a, and first years are placed in room 911b. The two classes are placed right beside each other, keeping the classrooms close.

Mitchell Andersson, a senior 2nd year welding student, said, “One of the many reasons welding has become so popular recently is that people are finding out that they don’t have to go to college to learn a skill and get paid doing so.”