Dear Taco Bell, Your Tacos Smell

Gabriel Keymer, Journalism 1 Student

Alright, someone had to say it. Taco Bell is not equal to other fast food titans such as McDonalds and Wendy’s, nor should it be. Taco Bell, as is, is already an extremely overrated fast food restaurant. In case you might have spent your entire existence in a cave and just left it, the Taco Bell franchise is an American chain of fast food restaurants that serve Mexican inspired foods. The issue with this franchise is that in just about every city and even most small towns exists much more authentic and higher quality restaurants in which you can dine for similar prices (albeit slightly more expensive.) True, quality Mexican food is dictated by the authenticity of the food and, of course, the quality of the food. Taco Bell just doesn’t have either. There’s a reason as to why Italian fast food joints and other culturally inspired fast food restaurants aren’t a norm.

After a long day and not much to eat, I want to go and sit down and be served warm and appetizing chips and salsa before the meal, receive an amazing entree, and listen to the Latin music in the background. I can’t get that at Taco Bell. There’s just some magic lost when going from a family restaurant to a corporate owned franchise with rushed results.