ACT is Important

Attention High School Students!


Niyana Quintana, Staff Writer

On March 10th Juniors will be taking the ACT at Conway High School. Please arrive promptly to your assigned class before 8AM. There will be assigned seats so please find the appropriate seat when you get there.  Here are a few tips for taking the ACT. 

Always prepare yourself before you take a test. Eat a well-balanced breakfast, sleep for at least 8 hours, and most importantly don’t freak out. 

Things you should eat for breakfast: eggs, oatmeal, and slow-release carbohydrates. Eating sugar will make you jittery and that equals an unstable mind. Eating lots of proteins can help because you’ll get less hungry throughout the test. You do receive a break though, so if you want to bring a quick snack you can.

Sleeping during an exam will make you feel weary throughout the entire test, it’s better to get all your rest the night before. Studies have shown that you should sleep between 8-10 hours to feel fully recharged.

It’s important to control your excited nerves during an exam. Having an unstable mind will make you choose more wrong answers than if you calmed down. One way to calm down is to take deep breaths before you begin. Another way is to bring chewing gum or breath mints for a small distraction. 

It’s okay if you don’t get the score you want, you still have lots of time to take it. To find other dates just go to .