Students draw portraits for Black History Month

Akil Herbert, Journalism I Student

Mrs. Certain’s drawing class has students drawing portraits of artists who were inspirations for Black History Month. Black history month is an annual observance originating in the U.S. where it is also known as African-American History Month. For the first time, Conway High School is letting students participate with Black History Month and it’s even greater for students who had inspirations for artists or public figures who changed a lot. There are figures like Martin Luther King and artist Jean Michel Basquiat in which students can choose who they want to draw. Each student was allowed to have an artist/speaker to choose from and each must be drawn with a background representing the meaning they have made or the artwork that was done from them. This helps students identify the heroes of Black History Month including some who were not well known and it gives them a deeper look into what made them become a great figure to be recognized by others around the world. The students will have their art published for others to see as an event on February 27. The school will be holding its first-ever Black History Month museum that will showcase various forms of portraits, presentations, and even food from culinary.