Coronavirus not Stopping the Cats


Susannah DeBlack, Staff Writer

Athletes at Conway High School have noticed many new changes throughout their seasons due to coronavirus. Many sports teams across the state have had to have games canceled or rescheduled. As the fall sports seasons are in full swing, many new rules have been enforced like social distancing on the sidelines, limited practices, and having to wear masks when not they are not currently playing. Volleyball player Gavin Pearce, when asked about regulations said, “Not being able to be close to your teammates, or jump into a huge pile when a great play happens, definitely puts a hold on the energy brought to the game.”

Many games have been canceled due to high numbers in coronavirus. The football, volleyball, and tennis teams all have experienced this. They have had to cancel games against many opponents like Little Rock Southwest and Northside because of very high numbers within their school districts. The football and volleyball teams have not even arrived at their conference tournaments yet.

 If they make it to the conference tournament, football will start after November 6 and volleyball after October 15.