Animal Crossing: The Perfect Holiday Gift


Brady Minister, Staff Writer

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a cartoon life simulation game where players own and decorate their own deserted island. In the game you make friends with animals who can live on your island and walk around and help you along the way by giving you gifts and new recipes to craft. The game is based in real time so if it’s dark outside it’s dark in the game and vice versa. It also follows the seasons so currently it is starting to snow (as of winter 2020) and the trees are becoming snowy. In a typical day players can fish, pick and plant flowers, gather fruit, mine, place items, and more. Players can also travel to other islands to collect new fruit to earn more Bells, the currency in the Animal Crossing games. Players can also travel to friend islands and show off their personal touch that they have put on their islands. Players also have a house on the island to decorate and expand with more money. 

This game is very fun and I always feel very wholesome after playing it. With the approaching holiday season it would make the perfect gift to anyone who enjoys games like, the Sims, Minecraft, and past Animal Crossing games. I would also recommend this to anyone who’s interested in it especially if they already have a Nintendo Switch.