From On-Site to Online to Back On-Site, Conway High School Students Have Seen It All


Audrey Walthall

Many students who were previously virtual have decided to go back to on-site school after Christmas break. There have been many GPA and grade drops as well as a severe lack of motivation shown from virtual students. Students plan to have their parents talk to the principal in order to get them back on-site. 

After speaking to some of the current virtual students, it is clear that the majority of them are going back to attend on-site school. Most of them came to a consensus- they are going back to school for the hands-on teaching they crave so much online. No matter how many emails you send or notes you take, you simply cannot get the same type of teaching and explanations out of virtual school that you can out of on-site- and it shows. Taking time to speak one on one with a teacher and being able to fully understand what they are explaining is something all of us took for granted through the years. Grade drops are extremely prevalent this year, and a lot of them are because of virtual school. For this reason, many students have decided to go back to school. 

 At the beginning of the school year, students were optimistic for the fresh year that lay ahead. Sadly, that freshness has been tainted by virtual schooling. For some students with family members who are at a higher risk for COVID-19, virtual school is the only option. For those of us who are fortunate enough to choose which type of schooling we want, virtual seems like the obvious option. You can stay up late, sleep in, eat whatever you want whenever you want, or go anywhere at any time of the day, and this lifestyle truly works for some students. “I like virtual classes because they allow me to control when I do stuff during the day,” said junior Ethan Winningham. While students like Winningham seem to function well virtually, many require structure in their lives in order to be successful. Through the years we may have talked down on the administration or even the state for making us abide by certain rules, but they weren’t all for nothing. Being in an environment dedicated strictly to learning is important. Without that sense of professionalism, students can lay in bed all day or hang out with friends. School has become an after though for most. For this second reason, lots of virtual students are switching back to on-site.