Review: Justin Bieber’s Justice


Ashley Baggett, Staff Writer

Canadian-American heart-throb, Justin Bieber, released his newest album Justice today, March 19. This album includes 19 songs. Already, the media is flooded with reviews, opinions, and articles about the new album. Although rather fresh, the Justin fandom is ecstatic he’s finally released another album. The range of lyrical art is incredible. 

Justin’s album includes 19 songs, one of which features a 1 minute and 44 second recording of MLK speaking. This is not only an incredibly important piece of history, but also a very beautifully worded speech. I think it was very unique addition to his otherwise classic album. A few of my favorite pieces aside from this addition include “Off My Face,” “Anyone,” and “Peaches,” the last of which features two other very popular musical geniuses, Daniel Caesar and Giveon. 

Through the years, Justin’s music has developed and matured. His older albums while still iconic and added to my playlists, show how much his lyrics and talent has grown. This album is full of beautifully written and produced songs, and I believe that over the weeks it will continue to gain popularity and media coverage. 

Justin Bieber is a well known name and face for Americans. His talent, charm, and popularity have continued to stay prevalent in the media. As a 16 year old girl, the people around me, myself included,  have been enjoying his music since we were little kids fangirling. This album was really enjoyable.