9th Grade Students Share Emotions as High School Nears

Mia Farfan-Martinez

With high school right around the corner, many ninth-grade students at Conway Jr. High have shared their mixed emotions about officially attending high school next year.  When asked the question “How do you feel about starting  high school next school year?” a range of answers varying from excitement to anxiety were found.  

Beginning from students who shared a mix of worries about the school, the most common being about classes, grades, and homework. For example, Kylie Salzwedel, shared her worries about attending the when she said, “Yes, I would say it is kinda scary mainly because these grades that I make will affect a lot in my future. If I don’t have the right grades, it would affect my chances of getting scholarships and getting high honors.” 

While there are many like Salzwedel who feel the same anxiety and worries for the next school year, there were on the other side a handful of others who, on the contrary, are rather excited by the fact that they will finally be able to have the “sigh school experience.”  Many of the experiences that fall into this category include football games, spirit week, driving, and dances like Homecoming and prom. Bishop Floyd explained why she is already looking forward to these events.  She said, “Seeing my [shopomore] friends and partying at Homecoming with them makes me excited for next year.” 

While there’s still a majority of this school year left,  it is clear that it’s on the minds of freshmen and they have differing feelings about it. From excited to worried, we’re all headed toward new things.