Stuckett Gains new Nickname with Scott Performance


photo by Jennifer Seifert

Senior Marquavis Stuckett portrays Travis Scott and the Homecoming pep rally September 24.

Toria Turnbow, Staff Writer

The life of the well known rapper and record producer Travis Scott would be huge shoes to fill. However, Marquavis Stuckett did exactly that in front of approximately 2100 people. The homecoming assembly, remarkably put together by Student Council in just two weeks, featured a lip-sync concert performance by our own Travis Scott lookalike.

Not only was the assembly livestreamed on local cable for the first time in CHS history,  but Stuckett walked away the main focal point. He was assigned two of Travis Scotts most popular and known songs, “5% Tint” and “Butterfly Effect.” For the skit, Stuckett was to stand on a faux stage platform and  lip-sync and mimic the on-stage mannerisms of Scott. The stakes were high and the job came with plenty of pressure. Stuckett said, “I really enjoyed going on and performing for everyone, although it was kind of nerve racking at first… but everyone being in the crowd around the stage helped a lot and it turned out to be really fun.”

Since the assembly Stuckett has been nicknamed Travis Scott by multiple teachers and students and gained lots of fellow students who wanted to be involved in the next assembly to possibly have the chance to portray the role of a known celebrity.