Student Responses:

Should Students be Treated as Adults?


Avery Ferguson, Staff Writer

Being a teenager is weird… It is the purgatory of life. No one knows how to treat 16 year olds, are they adults, or are they still waddling children? It’s a very confusing time for both the teenagers themselves and the administrators who interact with them, especially in a disciplinary matter. Everyone has different opinions on where to draw the line, but here is what the students have to say themselves…

Conway High School sophomore, Megan Lovett, commented, ”Teenagers aren’t fully developed, but I think if you give them (students)  the treatment as if they were an adult, they’ll either thrive with it or take advantage of it. And that just depends on how they’re treated at home.”

When asked his stance, senior William Polk said, “It is very situational. Sometimes they will act like teenagers, and, of course they will, so you need to treat them like the kids they are acting like. But, in other situations, they will need to be treated like adults. It really just depends on the problem.”

Just from the insight of a couple of students, we are able to gain a small look into the opinions of the students attending Conway High School and their takes on the authority governing them. They might have slightly differing opinions, but the consensus is that one form of governance is not going to work for all students, and the students say that each individual will have a different situation from the one before.