Sleigh Bell’s “Treats” Blends Rock with Choral Vocals.


William Polk, Staff Writer

 Sleigh Bells, hailing from their hometown of Brooklyn released their first album “Treats” in 2010 and incorporated rock and blues riffs and added a much more poppy overtone with the lyrics, while keeping the anger and drive of punk. 

     I’ll go ahead and talk about the rhythm section of this album, because, while it is not complicated, it drives a large chunk of the music. The punch of the drums is taken in the production to the max, and sounds as if your speakers are literally going to explode. This gets a lot of points to me, someone that I get frustrated with in a lot of pop music is when it’s all treble or all way way low. This rhythm is, while gained out of existence, a very good way to do this, and makes you feel like a renegade, a rebel even, which I believe was their intended purpose. 

     I’ll now talk about the lyrics on this album, and when I tell you they are stupid as all get out, I mean that. They are really, really weird, and just don’t make barely any sense whatsoever, but, in a weird way, I enjoy that. It is a refreshing pullback from the typical song. For example, lyrics such as “Infinity guitars uh uh uh,” are not very deep, meaningful lyrics, but the fact that it is so over-the-top out there makes it refreshing and enjoyable.

     The instrumentalism in this album is also quite good. Not from a musicians perspective maybe, as it’s all very simple beats and melodies, but as a listener it accomplishes it’s goal, and that’s to be an over-the-top, punch-you-in-the-face type of album through it’s overdriven guitars and drums boosted to the max. 

    Overall, “Treats” is in my eyes a perfect album for what it is trying to accomplish, and something that music needs more of. I give it 10/10 pom-poms, in relation to the cheerleaders on the album cover, of course.