CHS Band Students Audition for All-Region


Clara Spivey

All-region auditions were held January 18-21.

Clara Spivey, Staff Writer

 Many Conway High School band students  participated in the ASBOA (Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Association) virtual all-region band auditions from January 18-21 in the CHS band room. All region band auditions are a yearly event across all high school bands in America. These auditions allow music students the opportunity to challenge themselves and compete against each other to potentially be accepted into a more challenging band that consists of many other talented musicians. Many band students at CHS prepared and practiced the music and harmonic scales for all-region band auditions since the beginning of the first semester. However, with rising Covid numbers, the auditions had to be held virtually this year. Junior, Chloe Emerson says, “It kind of makes me upset that all-region auditions had to be virtual this year because the quality of sound on your phone affected your audition score.” Additionally, sophomore Kendall Watson says, “This is the one event that I was really looking forward to for the beginning of the semester, and not being able to experience this event in person makes me upset.” Even though there is an obstacle that CHS band students had to face this year with all-region band auditions, they overcame the challenge and, most importantly, tried their hardest.