Karma: Review over “Girl From Nowhere”


Samara Lasker, Staff Writer

“Girl From Nowhere,” a Netflix Original from Thailand, is an intriguing, dark, and often frightening drama series. The 13-episode series creates a terrible web of moral stories about succumbing to temptation and your worst urges, with echoes of Black Mirror. 

From a school obsessed with social media to another house to a magical bathroom wall, “Girl From Nowhere” infuses each narrative with a wonderfully creepy undertone and frightening message. This works nicely for the most part, with each episode taking place at a different high school throughout the country and featuring the entrance of apparently innocent transfer student Nanno. Once there, she proceeds to reveal the falsehoods, secrets, and temptations of various pupils and professors, leaving in her wake sorrow and despair. The first episode is a touch out of character in that regard, with Nanno acting as the main protagonist and exposing a teacher sexually assaulting his kids. Expect infidelity, child abuse, deception, death, and more in this first episode. This dark and disturbing tone establishes itself early on and tightens its hold as the series progresses through its eleven chapters.

With such an unusual episodic structure and Nanno’s unpredictability at the helm, this series surely merits a second season just based on this performance. While certain moments show some overacting and the moral tone is a touch too direct, this is an Asian drama definitely worth seeing on the whole. Simply be prepared for some extremely disturbing and unsettling home truths to be displayed triumphantly through the horrors of high school.