Asian Club: Review of “Your Name”


Samara Lasker, Staff Writer

Before Spring Break, the Asian Club decided to relax and watch the anime movie, “Your Name.” 

“Your Name” is the story of two Japanese teenagers, big-city guy Taki and rural girl Mitsuha, who wake up in one other’s bodies one morning. Mitsuha has ambitions beyond her little provincial village and desires to be an attractive Tokyo lad, which she seems to get. At first, she believes it is a detailed dream, since the youngsters are unaware of when they would awaken as each other. It lasts just until they both fall asleep, and it may occur many times a week. When they discover what is “really” occurring, they begin leaving reports in each other’s mobile phones, detailing significant incidents. Mitsuha assists Taki in gaining a closer relationship with his infatuation, a stunning older waitress at the restaurant where he works, while Taki assists Mitsuha in becoming more forceful, outgoing, and athletic. They eventually develop affections for one another, though, since they are so familiar with one another. However, as Mitsuha and Taki attempt to reconnect as individuals, it becomes evident that something is awry.

It’s hard to believe, but this is a love story in which the couple doesn’t meet, but they know a lot about each other. It’s easy for Taki and Mitsuha to get to know each other because they’ve been together so long. There are so many things about the montage of them getting frustrated with each other that make it so funny and fun to watch. Your Name is a good choice for middle schoolers and older who can enjoy the mix of adventure and romance in a way that younger viewers can’t.