Students React to Bizarre Rumors


William Polk, Staff Writer

Recently on Twitter and other social media platforms, a rumor has been spreading that Conway High School allows student who identify as cats and dogs eat off the floor and use installed litter boxes in the rest rooms. These claims are completely unfounded and started about other school districts within Wisconsin and Michigan before expanding locally, Conway included.

Even people of import have given in to this spreading of false information across social media. This has a large effect on the people of Conway because it makes people feel fear for children within the school based on lies and misinformation. It affects the students too, as many of us are watching people all around tell lies about the school that we go to, and being at a school being bombarded with people complaining about something that isn’t even happening is disheartening to see.

This harmful misinformation makes the community something to fear, and it shouldn’t be. Junior Phillip Hardwick said on the subject, “…these comments seem very weird to me…I feel like there’s a bigger issue at hand and they’re using furries as a way to mask their feelings on said issue.” The community is discouraged from letting these lies and rumors strike fear into their hearts, and don’t let them influence day-to-day decisions. The rumor is simply a lie.