Lajaya Robinson: Confidence and Postivity


Em Claflin

LaJaya Robinson has chosen to focus on positivity for this school year.

Em Claflin, Staff Writer

         I feel it goes without saying that first impressions matter, and I can say with certainty that my first impression of Lajaya Robinson was a strong one. Without so much as a word, the confidence and style she carried herself with gave off the impression of a girl who knows what she’s about. Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Robinson & asking her to discuss her outlook on life & the people around her, as well as the advice she has to offer for people who need a bit more light in their lives.

For Robinson, her guiding philosophy roughly boils down to two key components: Confidence and Positivity. 

Every aspect of our lives, from our perception of others to our perception of self, and our ability to interact with the world around us is governed by the light in which we view that world. For Robinson, making the choice to look at the world in a better light is key to making positive change in your life. “When you are positive, you get a lot more out of life,” says Robinson. While developing a better outlook on life is nowhere near as simple as “looking on the bright side”, simply making a small effort to pay more attention to the positives in life can set you down the right path – even the dimmest light can pierce the deepest dark.

With positivity must come the confidence to act on it. In order to fully be able to see the world in a better light, you have to be sure of your own worth in it. For Robinson, “confidence really brings out the best in everybody.” You can never go wrong with a true understanding of who you are and the ability to express yourself. Of course, there’s a fine line between confidence & arrogance, so be sure that your way of expressing yourself doesn’t get in the way of others doing the same.

However, improving one’s self-image isn’t quite so cut & dry. For many, Robinson’s ideal of positivity & confidence feels worlds away, separated by events from their past, their current circumstances, or their very manner of thinking. During our conversation, Robinson had this to say to those burdened by the weight of trauma: “You can’t change the past, but you get to change your future.” Try your best to shed some of the weight you carry, even if you can only drop a sliver at a time.

The path Robinson laid out here is, for many, an arduous one, but it is by no means impossible. If all you can manage is a single step in the right direction, then that step is worth taking. You will lose your way, you will stumble, and you will fall, but you owe it to yourself to push onward, however slow your pace may be. Feel free to stop and take a rest, so long as you remember to get back up. Confidence & positivity are not static end goals that lie out of your reach, but an ever-changing series of checkpoints that are always within your grasp, so long as you know where yours are.

So gather up your gear and hit the trail. It’s a long one, but I hear the views along the way are worth the walk.