Dancing Under The Friday Night Lights


Sarah Beth Sammons, Staff Writer

Anna Weeks is a senior at Conway Highschool. She is also an important member of the Conway High Varsity Dance team. Anna has been on the Conway high team since she was a sophomore; before that, she was a junior high dancer in her eighth-grade year. She does dance with her twin sister Ava Weeks. They have had a passion for dance since they were younger. Anna got into dance at the age of three. She started dancing at Sunshine Academy then moved on to Blackbird and eventually landed at her current studio Rock City dance. During this time she started dancing competitively. She says that it really helped her grow as a dancer.”I’m in the studio practically every night” Anna said. She loves that it brings out her competitive side. It really gave her the extra boost for the Conway team. She loves the people she dances with at Conway and just the atmosphere of it all. When asked what she loves most about Conway dance Anna said “I love dancing on the field in front of a crowd especially because I get to do it with my best friends.” She also loves dancing for Coach, “she is so much fun!” Anna said. When I asked Anna’s teammates Audrey and Chloe about her they said “she brings a fun positive light to every practice! She always works her hardest and gives it her all”. Anna is excited about the future but truly loves what she is doing now especially when it’s under the Friday night lights.