Gordons Guide to Dance Team


Daisy Caudle

Senior Elizabeth Gordon sees the dance team as more than a creative outlet — it’s a way to show her school spirit.

Daisy Caudle, Staff Writer

School spirit is important to many, but it’s always important to the dance team at Conway High School. One girl specifically, Elizabeth Gordon, finds the dance team as a way to show school spirit all the time. Gordon, a senior at Conway High School, has been on the varsity dance team since her sophomore year and even did the dance team her 8th and 9th-grade years at Conway Jr High. Gordon says, “I decided to continue to keep trying out for the dance team because I just really loved the atmosphere of all of the games.” Gordon also says that her favorite part about the games is getting to do the band dances on the sidelines and getting to watch the Crunk Crew up close. 

“My favorite thing about our coach is that she is always pushing us to be good and she’s basically like our second mom,” Gordon says about Coach Stephens, the head dance team coach. Gordon wasn’t new to the dancing world when she first joined the dance team back in 2017 during her 8th-grade year. She’s had training at Sonshine Academy of Dance since she was 2 years old. Like the Football players and many other Highschool sports teams, the dance team is responsible for maintaining good grades. “The reason we have to keep up with our grades is that we are the spirit of the school and we want to represent our school with good achievements,” Gordon says. Many people know and love Gordon, especially the girls that are on the team with her. Kaylee Thomas, a Junior at Conway Highschool, has danced with Gordon for 10 years at Sonshine Academy and 2 years on the dance team. Thomas says “I really like dancing with her because she is really positive, encouraging, and super fun during practices.” “She is constantly encouraging everyone around, we will be working on a new skill and you will just hear her hyping you up in the background,” Thomas said.

Gordon is an encourager, an optimist, and an enjoyable person to be around. It takes a lot more than most would think to be the spirit of the school, but Gordon proves that it’s possible.