College Fair Arrives at CHS


Megan Lovett and Kali Cresswell

   On Wednesday, October 12, 2022, Conway High School held its annual college fair in the Buzz Bolding Arena. Juniors and Seniors went at separate times, those times are as follows: Seniors A-L  8:40-9:20, Seniors M-Z  9:20-10:00, Juniors A-L 10:00-10:40, Juniors M-Z 10:40-11:20. Students wandered around speaking to colleges and exploring different career paths to follow. The fair had everything from the medical field, to the US military. John Savage, a Junior at CHS, said this about the fair, “It was really helpful to have so many colleges all in one place.” The college fair isn’t only enjoyed by the students. Nick Stevens, the recruiter who represented the Creative Institute of Central Arkansas, thinks that the college fair, “is a good audience to talk to students who are actually looking for colleges, whereas on social media, or putting things on our website, we’re maybe talking to somebody who’s like seventy-five and not looking for a school.” A CHS staff member in charge of welcoming students to the fair said her favorite part was getting to see her students interact with other students.