Homework Builds Strength, Time Managment

Sarah Grace Adams, Junior High Writer

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Homework Bliss

For many adults and teachers, homework is always a non negotiable must. Regarding students who participate in activities out of school, adding extra work for them takes away so much of their time to be a kid when they go straight to practice for something to love at 4 o’clock to 9 each and every night. So this is the stand for students and how the homework should die down just a little bit.

For starters, aside from the little time students have, some don’t have the patience to do it either. As well as patience, there are some students who will not do their homework just to spite their teachers and parents. In that case, they need to maintain a sense of responsibility first and foremost before they even consider doing something consistently each night, and doing it well also.

In opposition, homework could always be the thing that makes the immature kids responsible. Soon enough they figure out that they truly have to do it to even graduate. It sets them up for jobs in the future, where rather than a bad grade, you lost your job. It’s something that makes them learn a lesson without necessarily learning it the “hard way.” Besides that point, homework does in fact help students keep information fresh on their minds that they more than likely learned about that day. In addition to that, homework gives students the chance to practice and mess up while it doesn’t matter, rather than on a real test that counts.

In conclusion, homework has its pros and cons just like anything else. For the students who have a big heart for out of school activities, maybe it’s set up to let them learn a lesson of time management. In the long run, many will look back on homework and won’t deem it to be a big deal, but it can be a lot for a kid who goes straight from school to do something they adore until 9 o’clock each night.

Homework: making you stronger and testing your time management skills all at once!