Wampus Cat Student News

2019-2020 Staff

Destiny Perry

Staff Writer

Senior Destiny Perry is involved in EYE Club and National Honors Society.  She also enjoys reading, traveling, and hanging out with friends. She says jour...

Jayla Holder

Staff Writer

Sophomore Jayla Holder is in Caring Cats and likes music, drawing, learning to roller skate, reading, and horror movies.  She says “journalism and scho...

Skye James

Staff Writer

Senior Skye James is on the forensics team and enjoys her golden retriever.  She loves writing and photography and enjoys reading articles. She hopes to ...

Cassie Whatley

Staff Writer

Sophomore Cassie Whatley loves to play sports and spend time with family and firends.  She got involved with the news site because she loves to write...

Rayna VanKeuren

Staff Writer

Junior Rayna VanKeuren enjoys British and Russian accents and mountain biking.  She is in journalism because she’s interested in news and event sin general. ...

Gabriel Keymer

Staff Writer

Junior Gabriel Keymer is involved in Ethics Bowl and loves basketball and skate culture.  He enjoys journalism because, “it’s cool to have a voice,...

Marquis Vasquez

Staff Writer

Senior Marquis Vasquez is a student council representative and is in the Spanish, French, Asian, and Key Clubs, as well as the CHS Choir.  He also lov...

Kennedy Smith

Staff Writer

Sophomore Kennedy Smith is involved in FCA, CHS Cheer, Beta Club, DBS Social Sorority, and New Life Church.  She loves watching and writing about spor...

Jacob Horn

Staff Writer, Media Contributor

Jacob Horn loves disc golf, hanging with friends, keeping up with basketball and other sports, and his toy chihuahua named Gizmo.  He enjoys journalism b...

Jacob Jones

Staff Writer, Media Contributor

Jacob Jones is a 6’5 senior who’s involved in football and culinary arts.  He says journalism is a fun outlet to give his ideas and thoughts and keep...

Danie Joe Woods Jr.

Staff Writer, Artist

Danie Joe Woods, Jr. is a senior who loves to draw, write, do voice acting, and collect pins and buttons.  He enjoys journalism because he loves to have his wo...

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