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The Voice of Conway High School

Wampus Cat Student News

The Voice of Conway High School

Wampus Cat Student News

Beta Club members at State Convention.

Spring Fling: Beta’s Goodbye to Seniors

Kali Cresswell, Copy Editor April 26, 2024

   Conway High School Beta’s will have their Spring Fling on Monday, April 29th at 3:30 p.m at the Conway High School Cafeteria. This event is held to honor the seniors who have worked diligently...

X-Men: Can The Future Save The Past?

X-Men: Can The Future Save The Past?

Leslie Islas, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

     If there is anything that the X-Men franchise is known for, it’s one, the iconic characters displayed on the screen, and two, the horrible timeline provided. I mean, come on. How do you expect...

Will Thompson at his game on Tuesday, February 20th

Will Thompson’s Last Dance as a Wampus Cat Baseball Star

Ella White and Caroline Pate February 28, 2024

     Will Thompson started playing baseball for the Tigers Little League team when he was 6 years old. His love for the sport came from his Dad, David Thompson, who played baseball in high school.  ...

Conways Finest Institution: The Library

Conway’s Finest Institution: The Library

Avery Ferguson, Staff Editor February 20, 2024

The Faulkner Van-Buren County Library is a testament to its surrounding community. Standing strong, built in 1996, it provides hundreds of resources at either little or no cost to almost everyone in the...

Mollie Sutton after a swim meet

Swimming with Sutton: An Inside Look at the Swim’s Team Captain

Anna Liles, Staff Writer February 5, 2024

     Mollie Sutton has been swimming since she was five years old. She joined the swim team her freshman year and now, as a senior, is team captain. “I didn’t know I was going to be captain. I consider...

Newcomers take on Winter Formal

Newcomers take on Winter Formal

Lauren Simpson, Staff Writer January 29, 2024

On Saturday January 6th, the Phi Delta chapter of Delta Beta Sigma held their yearly winter formal event. This event is for all the members of Delta Beta Sigma and their dates. This event is to celebrate...

Students on the debate team take the oath of office at Arkansas Student Congress

Not Up for Debate!

Avery Ferguson, Staff Editor January 24, 2024

The Conway Forensics and Debate team is rocking the Arkansas Speech and Debate circuit. The team began around ten years ago at Conway High when, teacher, Casey Griffith began the program after teaching...

The skit back drop for the campaign

Act It Out! Beta Club Heading to Convention

Anna Liles, staff Writer January 23, 2024

     Conway High School’s Beta Club is attending a State Convention in Hot Springs later on January 30th and 31st. The convention consists of many competitions ranging from speech to apparel design...

Ellie Feng, Alahna Alexander, and Brick Cullum after the Beta Intiation meeting

Conway High School Holds Beta Initiation

Kali Cresswell, Copy Editor October 30, 2023

     The Conway High School Beta club had their new recruit initiation on Thursday October 26th, at 6:00p.m. The meeting was held in the School’s Cafeteria, where parents and friends could watch their...

Are Hokas Worth the Hype?

Are Hokas Worth the Hype?

Anna Liles, Staff Writer October 23, 2023

      Most everyone knows about the influx of the "running girly.” The girl on your For You Page with the matching set, perfect hair, and a bright pair of Hokas. This trend has taken the world, including...

Conway High School Holds College Fair

Conway High School Holds College Fair

Kali Cresswell, Copy Editor October 16, 2023

     The 2023 Faulkner County College Fair took place at Conway High School on October eleventh. Universities and colleges from all over Arkansas, as well as neighboring states gathered at the Buzz...

Looking for Action? Try Film Club

Looking for Action? Try Film Club

Charles York, Staff Writer October 10, 2023

     Have you ever thought about joining a school club, but just couldn't find one that suited you? In a school that consist of over 2,000 students it can be hard for people to find clubs that interest...

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