White Football hopes to advance to 3-2


Photo by CJHS Yearbook

9th Grade White celebrates a touchdown in their second victory of the season.

Pierson Wekkin, Staff Writer/Media Contributor

The  Conway Jr. High School 9th grade white side season is officially underway with the team looking forward to their fourth game of the season. The 9th grade white side’s record is now 2-2 after losing Thursday at an away game. This was a crucial game for this football team because it could have a massive impact on how the rest of the season will play out. If these first couple of games for the 9th grade White Side are indicators for the rest of the season then they need to step up. Their current record is 2-2 which means that they are doing alright but they might have to turn it up a couple of notches if they want to get to the playoffs. Coach Kendricks, one of the coaches for the 9th Grade White Side football team says, “The team is working hard every day to get better.” Even after their slow start. The 9th Grade white side football team plays again this Thursday which will be a crucial game for them to win. This game will be at home vs. Cabot North and they hope to advance to 3-2.