CJHS Holds Student Council Elections


photo by Chloe Ellis

Students view campaign posters in preparation for voting.

Chloe Ellis, Staff Writer

This month Conway Jr High held elections for student council so that our school could establish a group of student leaders to coordinate student activities and events.

Voting occurred through online submission and was held in social studies classes on Friday September 17 and closed the following Sunday. Students voted through a form sent in an email from Mr. Broyles. Students voted for school President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Winners were the following:

8th grade:
President- Georgia Pierce
Vice President- Lexton Young
Secretary- Chloe Cook
Treasurer- Sylvia King
9th grade:
President- Caleb Hunt
Vice President- Carson Conway
Secretary- Rachel Caplan
Treasurer- Janiyah Tresvant

When asked about the importance of voting, Meagan Williams, student council sponsor, said “It is important to vote in student council elections.  It allows students to have a voice in who their peer representatives are.”