Rogue One: A Breath of Fresh Air for Star Wars Fans


Barrett Carter, Staff Writer

Star Wars has forever been one of the most beloved franchises in history and has millions of fans across the world. However, on May 19 1991 a downward spiral began. The new round of movies was quite poorly received. Because of this, creator George Lucas decided to sell the franchise to Disney. Under Disney’s Reign, All of the movies were received decently. All but one. Rogue One received the highest audience rating since Return of the Jedi in 1983. 

Rogue One gave the old fans a flashback to the good old days and gave new fans the experience of a truly great film. Rogue one was a breath of fresh air for Star Wars fans after the disappointing prequels and the underwhelming debut sequel film. From the look to the acting to the storyline, Rogue One was near perfect in every facet. The characters were relatable and seen as the unsung heroes of the galaxy. Unlike Han Solo, Luke Skywalker or Chewbacca, these people never received trophies or galaxy wide recognition. Instead, the ragtag group of rebels set off to obtain the plans for the greatest superweapon in the galaxy, The Death Star. The gritty look is a nice contrast to the slick and shiny feel of the previous films. The storyline was perfectly written as it breaks the standard storyline for Star Wars. Instead of a fun more bombastic feel, the movie almost has the feel of a war movie set in the Star Wars universe.

In conclusion, Rogue One is unironically one of the best Star Wars movies there is. This movie proved that Disney CAN make a good film but it must be with the right leadership and idea. Henceforth, if it hadn’t been for this movie, I, and many others would have thought the franchise was doomed and would never be the same. We can only hope that Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, which will come out in a few years, can match up to Rogue One