Freshman Baseball Players Announced

Freshman Baseball Players Announced

Carter Mattson, Staff Writer

Recently, 30 9th graders  the baseball team. Many of the players who tried out said it was one of the hardest things they´ve ever done. 

¨I would give it a 9 out of 10 on difficulty.¨ Ryan Ecker, who made the team, said. 

¨The gauntlet, sled competition, and sally workout were the hardest drills to do by far.¨ Ecker said. The gauntlet is basically a timed drill with a bunch of drills in it. There are box jumps, running, burpees, and more. The sled pulling was a drill where you pulled a sled 10 yards and ran 60 yards. They did that 4 times. The sally workout was squats and pushups with weights. 

A total of 15 players made the team: Setler Mulhearn, Jackson Folds, Ty Purtle, John Wagnon, James Tidwell, Jackson Worlow, Ty Fason, Ryan Ecker, Blake Kordsmeier, Davis Summers, Jackson Mosley, Jackson Robnett, Layton Coney, Max Owen, and Harris Kostecky. They began practicing with the team Monday. They workout in the morning and go to the field after school to prepare for the upcoming season.