White Side Basketball Teams Play Cabot North


Pierson Wekkin

The Cabot North 8th grade boys and the White Side 8th grade boys fight for the Ball.

This past Thursday afternoon and night all of the white side teams played Cabot North at Buzz Bolding Arena. The white side 8th grade girls played the first game and they lost their game 22-16. It started out as a close game in the first half, but after halftime Cabot North took the lead and held onto it. The next game was the white 8th grade boys won 41-32. It was a good game but in the end the white side pulled away. The second to last game was the 9th grade girls game. This game was never really close. The Cabot North girls won this game 38-20 however the 9th graders did play good defense, but they couldn’t hit a shot. The last game was the white 9th grade white side boys they won 48-23. For most of the game it was pretty close but in the second half they would play better defense and pull away the win. Coach Moon the white side boys head coach, talked about what both teams did well and needed to improve on. When talking about the 8th grade game he said “we had a slow start and we weren’t very active on defense and didn’t move well on offense. That got a little better as the game went on and our defense is actually what helped us score a lot in the second half and put the game away.” He also said that, “The ninth grade game was also a slow start, but we hit big shots at the end of the first quarter and second quarter that gave us the momentum; We went into halftime with a three point lead, but for made threes in the third quarter helped us open the game up. Our fourth quarter defense is what allowed us to push the lead over 20 points. Our guys played harder and harder as the game went on and that was the difference.” All of the white side teams play at home next Monday. They only have one last home game until the rest are away games and 9th graders go into conference tournament play.