The Final Showdown: Conway’s Jr. High Quiz Bowl Team Wins 3rd at State


Jaydan Alberts, Staff Writer

Conway Jr. High’s 9th grade quiz bowl team made the trip down to Lake Hamilton for the State tournament last weekend. The team was fighting for their lives at Lake Hamilton High School. Teams from all over the state had come to compete for the first place trophy on the fifth of March and win at all costs. 

As the tournament began, Conway’s team walked to an empty hallway to receive yet another speech from team captain, Barrett Carter. He says, “We made it guys. All of the effort we put in really paid off. It feels great, doesn’t it? Well, all of you played a big part in getting us here, now we have all of [these] qualities. We’re gonna head over there and clean them the heck out. Nothing is gonna come easy here though. We’re gonna have to fight tooth and nail for everything. We must remember that all of these teams were good enough to make state too. However, they don’t have what we have. We have talent beyond talent. We have momentum and most importantly, we have [Our Coach]. So let’s go make these teams realize that nobody stands in the way of the mighty Conway Wampus Cats.”

This speech boosted the confidence of the members, pushing them to do their best. The first game was an automatic win for Conway, due to the other team not showing up. To follow that up, Conway’s 9th grade team won game two and three against Southside and Cabot. 

Unfortunately, Conway’s only defeat was losing to Chaffin, 285 to 225. However, the tournament didn’t stop there. Conway then won their final game, 300 to 215, placing them in third place. 

Conway’s 9th grade quiz bowl team has had an excellent season this year. Having won first place in three tournaments this year, second place in two tournaments this year, and third place in state this year, this season will be unforgettable for many members.