The Struggle and Pain of Writer’s Block


David Counts, Staff Writer

The anguish that one feels when writing and then faced with ‘writer’s block’ can be a daunting road to travel.

In fact, I have sat in the same space within a vast living room in my home trying to access how I will come up with a masterful subject in which to convey my thoughts, but have come up empty in thought while engaging myself with a subject.

While simply forcing myself to write, I have found that the words become fluid and even the subject of ‘writer’s block’ is slowly forming into an informational telling of the process within the art of writing.

I have engaged with people on this subject, and this is what they gave advice on how to ‘move the block’ to my advantage.

For starters, don’t overthink what you are trying to write. I was told that getting good rest would open my thought process and give better focus when engaging the written word.

In writing, you must make it a habit. Also, read more to inspire the mind, and when not inspired use flourishing words with which you can use to engage your reader.

More than anything, know that it’s okay to be flawed when approaching a subject. If you give it enough time, sometimes the process of writing can truly take over in the moment and give lessons to unblock the mind.