Testing Season at CJHS


Barrett Carter, Staff Writer

With the ACT Aspire coming up in less than a month, students and teachers alike are preparing for the test. 

For yet another year, the ACT Aspire is on the horizon for junior high students. From practice tests to pep talks regarding the test, teachers are reluctantly preparing the students for the test. The ACT Aspire is losing its importance as students continue to get older. With college approaching, the ACT Aspire becomes more and more irrelevant, however it is still a requirement and must be done. As the importance of the ACT Aspire goes down, the concern of the students goes down as well. Along with the student’s lack of assertiveness with the test, teachers seem to be taking the test less seriously as well. When asked about taking the test, 9th grader Jackson Worlow said, “I’m not very nervous for the ACT Aspire since it’s not the real thing, so that helps calm my nerves.”

Students will take the test on April 20-21.