AP and GT Success in Conway School District


Sally Stuart, supervisor of Gifted and Talent and Advanced Placement with Conway Schools, recently released a report of the recent increase in student participation in AP classes and programs.

In the 2017-2018 school year, 613 students were enrolled in Advanced Placement classes. This year (2018-2019), 779 have enrolled in AP classes. Additionally, AP exams improved with 863 out of 1,454 being scored a three or better out of five, which is 60.2 percent of total AP students. These rigorous courses in Conway School District, include Biology, Studio Art, Chemistry, Music Theory, Spanish, French, German, Human Geography, Psychology and much more. Also, per an approval through Arkansas Department of Education recently, she said students who score that three or better get three hours of college credit. Stuart said that the school board plans to further build upon AP success in the district.

In 2018, there are currently 880 students identified as gifted and talented within the Conway School District. To get that status, GT specialists have to observe analytical data to review intellectual and achievement scores. Students who are referred to the program also receive extra testing in creative thinking and feeling.

Conway Schools has improved upon both its Advanced Placement courses and Gifted and Talented programs vastly, and it has helped shape the minds of many young students and has helped set many career paths for their futures.