Science Confirms: Pizza Better Served Cold

Savannah Eckle, Staff Writer

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Many people enjoy pizza. It is one of those food items that can please everyone because there are so many different types. Cheese, veggie, and of course meat lovers. But the real question is whether cold pizza or reheated pizza is better?

This is a topic that is highly controversial and can make friends feud. In my opinion cold pizza is obviously the superior choice. Cold is better than reheated pizza because you don’t have to take any extra effort of having to reheat pizza you can just grab a slice and go.

With reheating you either have to use the oven which is a hassle in itself, or you have to use the microwave. When you use the oven you have to get a whole pan out just for a piece of pizza, also the oven is going to heat up the whole house. If you opt for the microwave you have to deal with a soggy slice of pizza.

“If you reheat [pizza], it’s not the same, and it’s soggy and icky,” said junior Hannah Moore.  Moore works at the Pizza Ranch, so she has professional knowledge about pizza.

If you reheat pizza, depending on the toppings you have, your pizza can become disgusting. If you have vegetables on your pizza and you reheat them they will taste old, and no one wants old tasting veggies.

When you reheat pizza, depending on the type of crust that you have, it can become soggy and can develop a weirdly sweet taste that no pizza should have to endure.

I did some research and came across a Scottish Chemistry lecturer named Dr. Cooper who thinks that she found out the reason cold pizza is much better than reheated pizza. She says it is because oil and water do not mix, so if you do not reheat the pizza the oil does not go through to the crust.  This is what makes cold pizza so much better.