Cats Re-Open Bank


Nabiha Khetani

The first day the Cats Bank re-opened.

The Banking and Finance class at Conway High School have recently re-opened the Cats Bank, located by Mrs. Hardee’s class during 1st lunch and 4th period in the Career Center. The bank is open to all students with just a $20 minimum required to open up an account. Save up your money from prom, graduation, senior trips, practically anything, by opening up an account and trusting Cats Bank with your money.

The Cats Bank has been a program for several years now, annually opening up around the end of November. There are around 10 people who work at the bank and the different jobs include an account rep, teller, head teller, account manager, security, and greeter. New worker’s have to be trained and all employees have to dress professional. It’s the real deal.

So far, seven people have opened up an account but the bankers think it will definitely become more successful in the future. “My favorite part is making the ID cards,” says Senior, Sean McKenna. He says it’s a good experience to have for the workers but also beneficial for the students at CHS as a way to “keep their money safe.”

Nabiha Khetani
Students fill out forms to open up their account.
Nabiha Khetani
Re-opening of Cats Bank on November 27, 2018.