Part-Time Princess

Kalyn Huselton doesn’t have an ordinary part-time job like her peers; instead, Huselton works as a real life Disney princess. Huselton has been a character entertainer for three years and has started her own company as of November of 2017.

When she started working as an entertainer, she was working for another company. However, she believed they had low quality costumes and didn’t really care about the character integrity and decided to leave. “The image of disappointed kids who were expecting ‘the real thing’ always disappointed me so I set out to create the highest quality company I could” Huselton says.

Currently, she has seven other performers working for her and all of their dresses are custom and handmade to the performer. They are mostly asked to work for children’s birthday parties, but they also do other events such as charity events, family events, summer camps, etc.

Although they are most known for princesses, they also perform as different characters. They have fairies, pirates, superheroes and adventurers. On top of that, Huselton has also created a few original characters and right now she is working on three new costumes herself.

When explaining her job to other people, Huselton sometimes runs into some trouble. “I’m not just ‘dressing up’ and especially not just for fun. The amount of work, prep and constant upkeep to make sure that each and every party and event is absolutely perfect is so incredibly difficult.” Huselton says.