Blake Hopkins is Diving Through Life


Blake Hopkins is a Senior at Conway High School

Blake Hopkins (12) is not the average high school student. Whether it’s exceeding in the classroom, marching with the band, or being one of the best divers in the state, Blake can do it all. He is a member of the Conway High School Band, the Wampus Cat Swim & Dive team, NHS, Beta Club, Key Club, and currently has a 4.17 GPA and a 33 on the ACT.

“It is definitely hard to do everything. A lot of the time I will have conflicting schedules, so I have to choose one over the other.”

Blake has been a member of the Conway Band program since 6th grade. He currently plays trumpet in the Conway High School Band. During his 8th, 9th, and 11th grade years, Blake was able to make all-region. “I really enjoy band and all the opportunities it provides. I’ve made some of my best friends through the band program.” Blake is now preparing for all-region tryouts on January 12th.

Not only is Blake a great diver for Conway, he has consistently been one of the best in the state since his freshman year. As a freshman, Blake placed 3rd in the state diving competition. He placed 5th his sophomore year and 3rd his junior year. “Dive has taught me to break down the mental wall that tells me I can’t do something. Sometimes I throw in new dives that seem difficult, but once I do it the first time, I realize it was easier than I thought.” He has already broken his personal record this season, and hopes to finally be the #1 diver in the state.

If you have met Blake, you probably know he is a genius. He is in the top 5% of his class and plans to graduate with distinguished honors. “School has always come naturally to me. I really enjoy most of my classes, especially AP chemistry.” Hopkins is part of the CHS tutor program and the treasurer for NHS. He was also a member of the schools competitive programming team, who placed 1st in the state at last years all-state coding competition.

During his free time Blake enjoys watching Netflix, playing “League of Legends”, and hanging out with his girlfriend, Madison Bates. “I love The Office and Parks and Recreation, but I’m currently watching The Walking Dead and I really enjoy it.”

This past year, Blake had the opportunity to travel to Mexico, the Grand Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Italy, Greece, and he also took a trip to Disney World with the CHS band. “I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to take trips like that. I experienced so many amazing things that have been the high point in my life so far.” He plans to travel to Colorado and Florida in 2019.

Blake will attend the University of Arkansas next fall, where he plans to study either Bio-Chemistry or Chemistry. “I want to focus on pre-med because I really want to go into the medical field.” He is interested in being a pediatrician or a surgeon, but is still trying to decide.

To say Blake Hopkins has had a successful high school career would be an understatement. “Conway High has so many different opportunities to get involved. It’s been so nice because everyone is very welcoming and friendly.” He believes in hard work and striving to be the best you possibly can.

“A lot of people quit something just because they think they can’t do it. Your biggest barrier in life is breaking down the mental wall that says you can’t do something. Once you get past that, you can be successful.”