Forget Valentine’s Day; How About Roaches?

Audrey Rawls, Junior High Writer

If you single people are wondering what you could do for Valentines Day do I have a treat for you. At the El Paso Zoo, you can now name a cockroach after your ex and have it fed to a meerkat. I know this may seem harsh and stupid but many are making sure that their ex will be on the list.

It is being called the “Quit Bugging Me” meerkat event which is actually pretty clever. Some are even calling is the event of the century because it is such a big deal in the state’s community. If Texas is a little too far to travel, don’t worry! The El Paso Zoo will be doing a live stream of the meerkats being fed the “exes”. If you send a message to the zoo on Facebook with the name of your ex they will make sure to name it and feed it to the meerkat at 2:15 pm central time. You can also watch on the meerkat cam on the El Paso Zoo website.

Being able to do this may help a lot of people get over their exes without even having to worry about getting actual revenge on them…because there are some people that would love to get revenge on their exes for breaking their hearts.

In the end, this is all just meant to be a bunch of laughs but some might take this in a mean way. But it is really just a “bug” joke.