Valentine’s Day Overrated

Madison Ritchey, Staff Writer

In 2018, American’s spent nearly 18.2 billion dollars on Valentines day. Why are we spending so much of our money on a holiday centered around love, when love should be just as present throughout the whole year?

The origin of Valentine’s day dates back to 270 AD. Before Emperor Claudius was jailed and beheaded, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. He handed her a note reading “from your Valentine”. After this many somehow related this ‘holiday’ to sex and fertility, however the ancient Athenians tried to gear mid-February to the marriage of Zeus and Hara. After many years of this celebration, February 14 was then transitioned to a general day of love. Notice how schools and businesses aren’t closed on the 14th? This is because Valentine’s day isn’t technically a real holiday, similar to Halloween.

Back in 2014, 64% of millennials were single on this day, and only 16% were married. Why are we still celebrating this day when over half of millennials remain single?

The leading gift to give is a box of chocolates which can range anywhere from $1 to $20. That doesn’t even include maybe flowers, a card, a dinner for two, etc. Why is this day still viewed as a holiday when half of Americans spend it alone, and the other half spends far too much money on fancy chocolates with decorative hearts all over it?

Now that Valentine’s Day is behind us, don’t worry if you had no one to spend it with.   Many just spent it with our BFF’s and didn’t look too into it because in reality, February 14th was just like any other day. Those that are in a relationship and look all happy, were actually out just spending too much money, when they really should be loving their significant other like that every day.