Why We Should Have Longer School Days

Sydney Greathouse, Staff Writer

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The idea that you can finish your high school career a little sooner than others sounds convenient right? Well there are multiple ways to do that but one way can not only benefit you individually but grow your schools and their developmental thinking. There has always been the idea of all schools extending the typical hours a little later than normal to allow growth in education and give teachers the chance to pour into the minds and souls of each student.  It seems like a task that only certain states and certain districts can accomplish with the pay for the teachers and the way that scheduling works around school hours. Some may agree, as well as myself, that an everyday extension is a bit over the top but with an exception to the idea (say three out of the five school days) and a partial change in the system will improve overall performance and capabilities in numerous schools.

You know how sometimes getting a little extra help in the classes that are most challenging can seem difficult in itself? With an extension to the school day, it would allocate a certain time period that students can gain feedback and constructive criticism from teachers versus just a test or homework grade. Even though some students might say that they want their afternoons to just chill and not worry about school, this would be getting homework out of the way that otherwise wouldn’t happen on a normal school day. Also only doing this for a certain amount of days throughout the week would allow students to grow outside the walls of the schools in everyday life. The pay for teachers is always a concern among many when the topic is brought up but, with the help of parents and students attending and having a voice in on the situation might change many superiors on the case and their traditional ideas. Overall, this system is going to speed up education while also being authentic to growing students into the mindset of what is needed for life after high school, changing the idea of a typical high school overall and it’s abilities to have major impact.