Spring Break Much Needed “Brain Break” for Everyone

Spring Break Much Needed

Audrey Rawls, Junior High Writer

Why is Spring Break beneficial to students and teachers? Right now this is probably what you’re wondering. In my opinion, it is not just because the students love getting out of school for a week, but because it actually helps them with their focus in the next nine weeks. At some point, everyone needs a break, including teachers. Spring break gives everyone a much-needed brain break.

Another reason why spring break can benefit people is that if you are around the same people all day every day, you will most likely be sick of them by the end of a month, so a break gives you some time away from them. Students are in class with the same people for an average of about an hour a day, and with a total of seven classes, you may be around some of the same people for around seven hours in a day. If that won’t make you tired of people quickly, I don’t know what will.

Lastly, spring break is helpful for students’ and teachers’ mental health. During breaks, you don’t have to worry or stress as much because most students won’t have homework over the break. That also means that students do not have to worry about tests since they will not have to take them until they get back to school. Teachers also don’t have to worry about making tests, slideshows or grading papers because they also need that time to get away from the students and hard work of being a teacher.

Spring break is for sure something that needs to stay on our calendars because with the hard work students and faculty put in, they deserve the time off.