CHS to turn into Vegas for Prom

Hannah Taylor, Staff Writer

The Friday before Spring Break, Conway High School student council members announced that the Prom theme for 2019 would be ‘Vegas, Baby!’. They did so by including many skits which focused around the notorious city featuring acts such as a magician, a drive-thru wedding, and well known performers in the area. On Saturday, April 6, the dance will take place in the CHS Cafeteria, from 8:00-11:00.

The two sponsors for Student Council, Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Nguyen, have worked closely with a local decorator in order to make this prom the best one to grace this campus. In order to fit the Las Vegas theme, they are incorporating white leather couches, jewel tone accents, many neon lights, and places with notable signs that students can take pictures with. Perhaps the most exciting new element being added is something that’s never been done in CHS history: a light up dance floor. Food will also be provided, including a chocolate fountain, and all sorts of appetizers catered by the Conway Country Club. The goal that student council is aiming for this dance is for students to feel like they are in a fancy, modern lounge in the heart of Las Vegas.

Tickets for this years dance are twenty dollars each, and are designed to look a card from a deck of cards, making students feel like they are actually playing a game in the big city. Prom is open to Juniors and Seniors at Conway High School, however Sophomores may attend if their date is an upperclassmen. With all the planning, preparation, and fundraising that has gone into this year’s dance, there is no doubt that it will be one of the most memorable dances held at this school. So put on your suit or your best dress, and get ready to head to Vegas, Baby!