Conway’s Top Cross Country Runners Show Promise


Brady Myers, Journalism 1 Student

Cade Swindle, Brady Pascoe, John Sutton, Ethan Kailey, Ian Bush, Gunter Campbell, and Noah Chandler are the top 7 fastest runners for Conway Cross Country.

September 28 the team ran in the Cyclone Invitational at Arkansas Tech  and beat Fayetteville and Bentonville who beat them in state in 2018. Conway has yet to face teams like Har-Ber and Rodgers, but the team has a big meet October 5 in Fayetteville to prove if they’re the best in the state. 

Swindle, Sutton, Pascoe, and Campbell were invited to the Arkansas vs. Oklahoma All Star XC last year are still getting faster. For Kailey, Bush, and Chandler are also getting faster and apart of the top 7 for Conway. 

The runners continue to enjoy running and the team atmosphere.  “I enjoy having a friendly atmosphere and fun teammates around me,” Kailey said.