New Group Forms Against Gun Violence

Hannah Gordon, Journalism 1 Student

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Students Demand Action is a national organization that has now reached Conway High School. This new group meets monthly and is led by Mrs.Bishop and student Jayce Pollard, to discuss and advocate against the growing issue of gun violence in America. 

This new Students Demand Action chapter began after student Jayce Pollard heard about the El Paso and Dayton shootings that occurred less than 24 hours apart from each other. He decided that rather than continuing to “complain” about the issue of the regularity of gun violence, he should do something impactful to help the issue in our community. Pollard has since fought for a Students Demand Action chapter at CHS and with the support of Mrs.Bishop, this new group is hoping to grow.

The members of Students Demand Action are working towards educating themselves on gun violence in the United States with the hope of informing others in the school and the community.  Their goal is to prepare students to be advocates for anti-gun violence measures and encourage students to engage in politics as they get closer to graduation. “My hope for the chapter is to bring people together that aren’t necessarily political but are willing to advocate for a specific cause and get the point across, that young people care,“ Pollard states as he expresses his vision for the future of Students Demand Action at Conway High School.