Why You Should Watch The Mandalorian


The Mandalorian is a new movie everyone is talking about.

Jacob Horn, Staff Writer

The Mandalorian is the newest show from the newest streaming service Disney+. It was released November 12, the same day as the service’s launch, and has two episodes available to watch with new episodes being released weekly on Fridays (with the exception of episode 7 on Wednesday, December 18). The show follows the titular character as he roams the galaxy picking up bounties. Not much is known about our lead character as he rarely speaks and we have yet to see what he looks like under the helmet but I believe the mystery adds to the intrigue. His morals are questionable and he is obviously only interested in the money, in a way it reminds us of Han Solo just minus the charm. I think that every Star Wars fan has a duty to watch this show as it is quite entertaining and enthralling in just it’s first 2 episodes.

Two words. Baby. Yoda. The first episode ends after The Mandalorian accepts a bounty for a target with a bizarre description: no picture, no name, no species, just an age of 50 years old. The Mandalorian is confused but accepts as it pays well. After a cool sequence of The Mandalorian taming a Blurgg (a Star Wars version of a horse basically), and searching for his target through intel from a local, he clears out the hideout housing the target with another bounty hunter after the same target, a droid named IG-11. The Mandalorian and IG-11 find the target but it’s revealed to be a descendant of Yoda, a rather young looking version of the Jedi Master. IG-11 has orders to terminate the target but The Mandalorian terminates IG-11 before he gets the chance as his orders were to bring him back alive. The descendant of Yoda is now in The Mandalorian’s protection as his captured bounty and the internet immediately fell in love with the little green guy. There have been countless memes and jokes made about the newest character in the Star Wars Universe and I personally cannot get enough. It’s so refreshing to see new ideas being tried in this new era of Star Wars content with movies like Episode VII: The Force Awakens basically being a rehashing of Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode VIII: The Last Jedi subverting our expectations in the wrong way. The new Disney+ show offers a bright spot in what has so far been a somewhat disappointing future for the franchise. 

An issue I’ve heard from friends is that there isn’t enough “name recognition” and that it failed to get their attention. While I do think the latter is a matter of taste, the name recognition complaint is unwarranted simply because it’s hypocritical. How did you come to love the characters of Star Wars? You were introduced to them through the movies that built their characters from scratch. How is The Mandalorian any different? Answer: it’s not. Many people just want movies like the prequels (Episodes 1-3), the Originals (4-6) and the new ones (7-8 as of November 22, 2019) but The Mandalorian offers another view of the Star Wars Universe. We can see first hand how the actions of the previous films have affected the lives of the people in the universe as ‘galactic credits’ which is their form of currency, has lost it’s value significantly since the fall of the Empire. The story of The Mandalorian is a simple tale of a man just trying to earn a living and I think we all should give it a watch. The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+.


The Mandalorian is the new show everyone is talking about.