Why Everyone Should Listen to LANY


Emma Schluterman, Staff Writer

It all started in 2014 when Paul Klein, Les Priest, and Jake Goss decided to release a song they had been working on called “Hot Lights” into SoundCloud. Ever since then, their fan base steadily increased with each EP and album released, this time on other musical outlets than SoundCloud. Within their multitude of fans, there is one that loves every song they have released, quite fancies the meaningful lyrics, and will listen to their songs over and over without getting tired of them, and that fan goes by the name of Emma Schluterman. Here’s why you should be a fan, too.

LANY, dubbed by the band to combine Los Angeles and New York, which, according to Klein, are a sort of “antithesis of each other”, started their musical career through the release of three EPs: “Make Out” (2015), “I Loved You.” (2015), and “kinda” (2016). The attention gained from “Hot Lights” carried over to these EPs, and for good reason, too. Songs like “quit” and “4Ever!” have more of a fun, pop feel to them, and “Someone Else” has more of an emotional feel. Regardless of the song within these EPs, they all contain elements of catchiness, emotion, and putting feelings directly into words, in hopes that the listeners can have an elicited response and connection.

Soon after the release of these three EPs, the band released their first debut album, “LANY”, in 2017, with hits like “ILYSB” and “Super Far”. Yet another reason to listen to LANY is showcased in this album, which is the fact that the lyrics are so honest and raw. The emotions sung about aren’t completely washed away within a metaphorical pool, but instead, they are dipped into it just enough, to create lyrics like, “Jumping heart to heart, and it’s starting to wear me down,” in the song “The Breakup”.

Their latest release is “Malibu Nights”, which was released in 2018. Singer Paul Klein had just went through a rough breakup, and his journey of heartbreak and healing is revealed within each song. Songs like “Thick and Thin”, “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore”, and “Thru These Tears” quickly became fan-favorites due to the catchy beat and relatable emotions throughout the song. The artists prove that their range of songs does not have to be confined to upbeat, melodious tunes, but can also reach toward new levels of slow, poignant ones, which is demonstrated in the juxtaposition of “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore” and “Malibu Nights”.

Overall, whether you like more upbeat music to sing unapologetically loud to in your car, or even music to accompany tears making their way into your pillowcase, LANY has music that accomplishes both. The genuinity and uniqueness of their creations is worth every download in your Spotify playlist, percentage of your AirPod battery, and blown-out car speaker- completely hypothetical with the last example, of course.