Student dedicates his time to theatre


Rayna VanKeuren, Staff Writer

The theatre program at Conway way high is filled with a number of students, and one of those students, Sterling Scallion, dedicates most all his time to theatre.

Scallion first joined theatre when he was in 9th grade, and that’s when his journey began. “I started doing theatre professionally in 9th grade but I’ve always had a love for theatre.” He said. After being in theatre for a long time, he realized that it, “…brought me happiness because it allows me to make well-known stories come to life and bring people joy.” Because of this, he continues to take theatre classes to this day.

Scallion always talks about upcoming plays or musicals he will be in, “…I’m currently in A Christmas Carol the musical but coming this spring I will be in the little mermaid and auditioning for Bye Bye Birdie.” He said. Scallion’s favorite play is, “…Til Death Do Us Part because I was in it and my character was such a fun role to play.” His favorite musical is, “…Finding Neverland because I saw it on Broadway and I cried watching the show.”

Scallion’s biggest challenge in theatre is, “…probably remembering your lines.” He admits that there are not many challenges in theatre. Scallion has a word of advice for people who are interested in joining the theatre, “A theatre is a safe place. You can be whoever you want to be in theatre. The people are so nice and loving. And even if you don’t like performing you can be apart of the crew.”