Visual Art Appreciation gets their pencils ready


Danie Joe Woods Jr., Staff Writer

As we return back to Conway High School after break, some students get into new classes to replace their first semester class. One of these classes you may have gotten is Mrs. Certain’s Visual Art Appreciation class, and as things have just started and things are picking up, the students also have to get started and picked up. The kids are creating their personal art portfolios. They’re crafted by folding a large piece of poster paper. The students then draw whatever they want on the paper, school appropriate obviously, and it holds whatever they create in that class for the rest of the school year. Mrs. Certain encourages her students to attempt even if they think you can’t do, she explains that no one’s going to judge. This motivated the class to try drawing things on their portfolios that they have never attempted to create before. Once you’re done drawing everything and coloring it how you like, you then just tape the sides so that your projects won’t slip out. It’s a neat and helpful way to express yourself, and it can show off your talent.