Photography Students Move From One Competition To the Next

Photography Students Move From One Competition To the Next

Emma Schluterman, Staff Writer

After the opportunity to enter pictures into the Ozark Media Arts Festival photography competition, a new one came into focus shortly after. Ozark Media Arts Festival occurred on October 9th and 10th, where numerous photography students attended and took home awards from Springdale, Arkansas.

Now, Arkansas Young Artist Association is approaching, which is taking place at the Arkansas State House Convention Center in Little Rock, Arkansas on Wednesday, April 8th. Photography students interested in attending had to fill out a form, get a parent’s signature, and pay $20, which was due on Friday, January 24th.

In the months prior to the competition, students will be choosing which pictures to enter into the competition, which will be brought on large printed paper glued onto cardboard. Some of the categories available to enter pictures into include categories like black and white or color, but there are multiple others as well.

Kamy Treat, who is in Advanced Photography and attended AYAA last year, says, “I am excited for my second year attending because I enjoy seeing all the art that everyone does. It’s really inspiring to see how much talent other students have.”