The Life of a Teacher: Mrs. Dolan

The Life of a Teacher:  Mrs. Dolan

Makayla Dunlap, Staff Writer

Mrs. Leslie Dolan, a history teacher of nine years. , loves being a United States history and an AP government teacher. “It’s exciting because I get to tell stories all day long.” Mrs. Dolan says. According to Mrs. Dolan, the standards have gone through two changes, but they haven’t changed much. The only thing that has changed is which grade gets taught which events. Mrs. Dolan prefers that she wasn’t told to the mandated review at the beginning of each school year. When asked if she could say one thing to the entire junior class, she said “ what seems like a big deal now won’t matter in a few years. Don’t sweat the small stuff.” She also believes that Conway High School should have a first semester ACT Prep class would be beneficial to students here at CHS. At home, Mrs. Dolan loves to play with her kids and watch TV. If she wasn’t a teacher she would like to be a travel agent or archaeologist “specifically somewhere I wouldn’t sweat.” Mrs. Dolan is loved by many students here at Conway High School and continues to touch students’ lives everyday.